Executive Members

Sqn Ldr Abhai Pratap Singh


Armed forces personnel make the ultimate contribution to society by putting their lives on the line for their country. The dedication and bravery of soldiers has been the key pillar on which the country stands. This the story of one such brave soldier who continues to serve the country and his fellow men even after leaving service.

As he wheels into the business centre of the Hyatt in Lucknow, Squadron Leader Abhai Pratap Singh’s personal is impossible to ignore. Fit and brimming with positive energy, Abhai Pratap Singh or Abhai is every bit a man of action. Transitioning from landing fighter jets on dusty airfields to the boardroom, Abhai now leads the Wheelchair Cricket India Association (WCIA) as its CEO.

Abhai joined the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA) in Pune in 1997 and graduated to the Air Force Academy, Hyderabad in 1999. In Dec 2000, he was commissioned into Indian Air Force to fly fighter aircrafts. Abhai flew MIG 21s & MIG 27s before he met with an accident in 2007 that cut short his flying career. And even though we could have continued to serve he chose to take premature retirement on medical grounds in 2009.

In 2014 he decided to make a difference in the world. He felt he could not only positively affect the lives of people with disabilities, but also influence the lives of everyone else around him. This is when he started sparing time for society around him as he believed that you are as happy as your surroundings, which not only includes environment around but also people around you. In 2016, he was introduced to Cricket on Wheels and there has been no looking back. He realised on the very first day itself that Cricket on Wheels not only motivates persons with disabilities to take up sports but also others who start looking at their lives differently. Initially he just started as a player himself but later on he realised that this thing required him more than just a player. The directionless movement till then gained the rightful direction from here.

Pradeep Raj

Co-founder, Gen. Secretary- Wheelchair Cricket India Association

National Awardee by President of India
IBN-7 Super Idol Award 2010
Helen Keller Award 2011
Disability Right advocate at National Disability Network

Jayita Bhattacharya

Head - Counselling and Development

A Professional with more than 20 years experience in International Education Management, Multi National Banking, Media, IT Education, Recruitment, Business Planning and Sourcing, Relationship Management, Teaching.

Organisations worked with:
  • Webster University Thailand Campus
  • ABN Amro Bank
  • Star TV
  • NIIT Ltd
  • Philips India
  • Kodak India
  • ABC Consultants

Dr. Richa Singh

Chief Consultant (Physiotherapy)

Master's in Healthcare Management and Research from IHMR (Bangalore). Graduated in Bachelor's in Physiotherapy from M.S. Ramaiah Medical College (Bangalore), worked as Physiotherapist in different hospitals for seven years than done Summer Training at Insta Health Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore in a project titled Customer Satisfaction Survey of the clients by questionnaire forms, primary data collection (Non- Probability Method).

Dissertation at Axiom Healthcare IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore in a project titled Mortality Measures in USA Hospitals: Development of IT Module.

Seeking a responsible and challenging position in a growth oriented progressive Institution where my experience and skills will significantly contribute to the overall success of the organization and provide opportunities for my career growth.


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